​C E R T I F I E D     C O N C R E T E     M O I S T U R E    T E S T I N G

​​​​​Accurate, Unbiased Testing, Inspection and Reporting

​Testing, inspection, and documentation services that provide you with information you ​need to prevent moisture-related flooring failures and ensure the best results from your floor covering investment.

​Moisture Testing Of Slabs Is Always Recommended & Required

​​​Without exception, every flooring, coatings, and adhesive manufacturer requires moisture testing of all slabs whenever new flooring is installed.

​Regardless of age or grade level, without properly conducted testing and documentation, any flooring failure traced to existing high concrete moisture will void all manufaturer warranties.

​Even flooring replacement requires testing, especially on grade where under slab conditions can change, and old vapor barriers can break down.
​​​As an independent, third party testing agency, Concrete Restoration Services is committed to providing our clients with accurate, unbiased testing and evaluation of existing conditions that may lead to a potential moisture-related flooring, adhesive, or resinous flooring failure.

​Our formatted reports and support documents are detailed and straight-forward, regarding all results, influencing conditions, and the suitability of the concrete to accept the specified floor covering.