​C E R T I F I E D     C O N C R E T E     M O I S T U R E    T E S T I N G

​​​​​ICRI Certified Concrete Moisture Testing and More... 

​​Preventive and solutions based services for the construction and
​flooring professional.
​​​Certified Concrete Moisture Testing​​

​ASTM compliant testing is the only standard accepted by floor covering, adhesive and coatings manufacturers.

We provide the most widely specified ASTM testing procedures accepted by manufacturers:

  • ​F2170 - Relative Humidity (RH)
  • ​F1869 - Calcium Chloride (MVER)​*
  • ​F 710  - pH/Alkalinity
  • ​F2659 - Electronic Evaluation of Slab Moisture

All tests include:

  • ​Detailed reports of results & conditions
  • ​Electronic pH testing
  • ​Electronic monitoring of ambient conditions
  • ​Precise blueprint test location mapping
  • ​Photo documentation of all readings
  • ​Risk assessment summary
​*We will not conduct this test unless the test area is acclimated to
​in-service conditions, as results will not be valid per ASTM specifications.

Baseline Testing

​"Baseline Testing" ​ is a fast, cost-effective testing process if all you need is a snapshot of moisture conditions prior to or during construction, or if something unexpected occurs.​ This is an ​exploratory test only and  ​not
ASTM compliant. Same day and 24 hour tests are offered based on the job and situation.

​​​​Inspection & Reporting 

​If problems reveal themselves after installation, we provide inspection services to help identify the cause. This includes the evaluation of general conditions, floor system installed, influencing factors, RH testing (as needed), core sampling, lab analysis of extracted concrete samples, and reporting.

​​​​Consultation & Specification

​We can review the specified products, systems and installation procedures for your project, and provide you with non-biased, objective evalutions of the products specified and installation practices. If needed, we can also provide you with solution-based recommendations in writing. 

​​​​New Concrete Slab Trending
​Slab trending tracks the drying progress of a slab after certified testing is complete. If excessive RH is revealed, the addition of air dehumidification equipment is combined with follow up readings to track the drying rate as related to the floor covering and installation schedule. This cost-efficient approach can save thousands of dollars in material and labor for concrete moisture mitigation systems.